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Go Sidemount diving today

• More comfortable diving
• Great for divers with back problems
• Streamlined equipment and less drag
• Better buoyancy control
• Great trim
• Easier moving underwater
• All equipment can be reached and
   problems solved easily
• Equipment adjustable under water
• More fun!


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PADI Recreational Sidemount Diver

What is Sidemount Diving?

Whilst diving in sidemount configuration you are taking one or two cylinders and placing them on either side of your body, rather than mounting them on your back (traditionally known as backmounted).
Sidemount diving

What do you need to start?
To take this course, you must be: 
•    PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent
•    At least 15 years old

What will you do during your Sidemount Diver course??
You will learn about and enjoy all of the following Benefits of Sidemount Diving:

•    Easier equipment transport. Most people find it easier to carry and wear two smaller cylinders instead
      of one large cylinder.
•    Greater comfort level. Sidemount equipment and harness are custom fit to each individual,
      accommodating divers of all shapes and sizes.
•    Great for divers with back problems or any disabilities, as you carry the cylinder(s) separate from your
      harness to the water. Cylinders and weights are then mounted and attached in the water, making the
      entries and exits to dive sites much easier.
•    Ease of streamlining equipment. Enables a unique method of buoyancy control which results in a more
      streamlined profile, reduces drag and makes finning and moving through the water much easier and
      more efficient.
•    When correctly configured, sidemount can reduce drag and avoids contact with the environment.
•    Accessibility. In sidemount, the regulator first stage and valves are in front of you where they’re
      visible and accessible. This makes it easier to spot and deal with problems.
•    Problem solving. With two-cylinder sidemount, you can handle an out-of-gas problem without your
      buddy as your primary alternate air source.
 •   Adjustability. Most sidemount configurations allow you to fine In sidemount configuration you can do incredible things
      tune equipment fit and trim during the dive to enhance stream-
      lining and body position. Most divers find that sidemount is more 
      comfortable  than other configurations.
 •   Versatility. Sidemount works well with many recreational diving
      activities making it a great way to expand your capabilities with
      a single basic configuration. Divers with physical challenges find
      that even when diving with only one cylinder, sidemount simplifies getting in and out of the water.
•    Increased gas supply. Using enriched air Nitrox and an EANx dive computer, you often have so much
      no stop dive time that you run out of gas long before you approach a no decompression limit. The
      ability to use two cylinders lets you enjoy more of this no stop dive time.

How long does it take?
•    Course will take 3 days
•    1 Confined water dive
•    3 Open Water Dives

What can you do after your Sidemount Diver course?
All future diving and specialty courses can now be done whilst wearing sidemount once you have done one of the initial sidemount courses.

Requirements: Open Water Diver or equivalent
Age:                  from 15 years old
Duration:          3 days

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Please note: All course prices include full diving equipment rental, transportation to and from the dive sites in one of our air-conditioned mini-buses, plus PADI certification where applicable.

Extras: PADI educational materials and diving equipment can be purchased from the Happy Divers shop.