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Special Wreck Dive - The Wreck of the "Menapier"

On the 11th November 1917 the cargo ship Menapier, loaded with iron ore whilst on passage from Villaricos to Gibraltar, sunk due to a collision with another ship. Today the wreck, lying between Fuengirola and Punta de Calaburra, is still in good condition. It is about 110 m in length and approx. 15 m in width and lies on a slightly sloping sandy bottom at around 40 m. The average diving depth is between 35 and 40 m.

For diving purposes and to have a reference line for descents and ascents there is a mooring line attached at around 35 m of depth at an impressive winch on the deck of the wreck.
We descend along the mooring line towards the wreck of the Menapier. At a depth of 25 m a big school of sardines welcomes us. As we descend further we can already see the big bodies of the Yellowtail Kingfish.

The school of Yellowtails circles us during the whole dive. The brittle of the silverish fish with the lemon like glitter and the shade, provided by such a big school gives a great atmosphere. Additionally there are the Capitones, also known as Dentones, with their hornlike bumps on their foreheads.

On the deck of the wreck and in its many holes there are loads of smaller fish to see. Using your torch brings back their true colors. This is a real spectacle of colors in front of the steel structures. Not to forget the spider crabs which can be discovered here and there. Also some bigger octopus can be seen. Conger eels are hiding in some holes. The top of the wreck is full of nudibranches. At the very bottom of the Menapier there are even some lobsters.

Diving towards the bow provides a clearer picture of the wreck. The big hole in the hull caused by the collision almost a century ago can easily be seen. At the bow area we can see the big holds and the winches which were used to load and unload the vessel. As we dive towards the middle of the ship where we soon will have to ascend there is also a big steam tank and lots of pipes and valves. This is a true trip into the past. With a little luck we might see even a sun fish during the ascent.

10 to 30 meters

13°C – 26°C

8:30 am to 16:00 h (approx.)

Wreck dive on the Menapier – using own equipment

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Wreck dive on the Menapier – using rental equipment

139€ Book now

Please note: The prices for the dives on the Menapier include 15 l or 18 l air tanks, weight belt, transportation to and from the port of disembarkment in one of our air-conditioned mini-buses and boat transfer to the dive sites and dive accompany and/ or divemaster service.

Extras: Hotel pickups/ drop offs and food and beverages.